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Do Not Complain, Be Thankful

thanks-sunriseImagine you are a parent with two children.  You Clothe both, feed both and shelter both.  One Child, always has something to say about your provisions;  “it’s too hot”, “it’s too cold”,  “it’s not Red”, “it’s too small”, “I WANT more”, “I want all”.  The other child; “Thank you for my shirt”,  “Thank you for my food”, “Thank you for my room”, “Thank you for the gift”.  It is a natural psychological response to be more attentive to the second child.  A yoruba poverb says “Bi omode ba dupe ore ana,a ri omiran gba”  which means “a thankful child, receives more”.

If every creature were to complain, the Elephant would say “I am too big”, the snail would say “i am too slow”, Trees would say “I can’t move”, the fish would say “I can’t walk”, Dogs will say “I can’t swing” and Monkeys would say “I can’t speak”.   Yet,  all these creatures are our subordinates.  Are we now that ungrateful?  Are we so unconscious of God’s Blessings and the Grace we receive?

You woke up today and the first thing you said was; “I need to go out”, “I need money”, “I want this.. or that”.   Hmmm!!!   Let us take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of God,  amidst the chaos, turmoil and craziness of this world.  Why don’t we focus on the fact that; the ability to read and translate all the words of this post, is a blessing.  Why don’t we focus on the fact that; the ability open that eyelid, scroll with your thumb, pay for Internet, own a tech gadget, is a stupendous luxury for Millions of Humans like you and I.

Take a moment and look around you, assess yourself,  there is definitely something to be thankful for.   If you are still not sure, I could help you with this;  Did you know that there are over 37 trillion cells in the human body? Did you know that your Blood vessels spans about 60,000 miles when laid in line on the ground?   The distance between the United Kingdom and United States over the North Atlantic is just over 4,2oo miles.   Wow?  You definitely have trillions of reasons to be thankful.


Please say this Prayer with me;

Father in Heaven, I thank you for my life and I appreciate all that you are to me.  Please forgive me for not being thankful enough and help me to have a spirit thankfulness.  Amen


God Bless You



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