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Without shame, there is no Glory!

Without shame, there is no Glory!

Today,  we may be needing depth in mind and soul to appreciate the lesson.  However, it would still be very simple and practical for everyone to understand.

Without shame, there is no Glory.

Without evil, there is no Holy.

Without bad, there is no Good.

Without weakness, there is no Strength

Without darkness, there is no Light

Without hunger, you can not appreciate Food

Without failure, what is Success?

Without pain, there is no Joy

without night, there is no Day.

Without down, there is no Up.

Without poor, there is no Rich

Without black,  there would be no White

Without war, there is no Peace


Everything that was made, was made in twos.  Binary,  zero and one.  For anything to ever work,  it MUST have to sides.   The master architect and the greatest mathematician had established the most fundamental principle Binary.  And in that same tree, without Man, there is no Woman.  Notice, it wasn’t Woman before Man as the World would like to paint it these days while choosing to forget the Architecture of Life.  I’ll explain.  Before the creation of Man,  God attended to everything in the same pattern.  The Earth was in ‘Darkness’ without form, then he made Light.  From, that same stroke, he made Night and Day.  Afterwards everything He made, were in pair.  The only recorded thing created by God that was made without a pair was MAN.  As soon as he did, he looked at Man and saw how incomplete he was (first, in comparison to other creatures.  Then in fulfillment of purpose).  Then he made Woman, an advanced and more aesthetic version of Man.

Let’s deviate a little. Do you remember your first mobile phone? Let us say a Sagem or Nokia 3310 phone.  Do you remember how rugged they were and how direct, the functions were?  Do you think you would still be able use them with all the Internet, facebook, bbm, instagram of today?  No! ofcourse not.  But, the fact remains that, without the early technology, we would not be here today with super smart phones.

God Made everything in pair, for co-existence.   He made everything that way, to create a balance and a self sustainable environment.  Can you imagine if the trees refuse to give man Oxygen for just one minute because they are angry at us for encroaching on their territory and causing Global warming?  Can you fathom the casualty?

God made a world for us to show LOVE to each other,  hence the difference.  God made the Rich to help the poor and made the poor to serve the Rich.  If there was no Rich,  who would help the poor? and if there was no poor, who would serve the Rich?  Of What use is the Light, without Darkness?a-single-light

Romans 15 verse 1-7 tells us that; those that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not please themselves.  We should be good to our neighbor to make them happy for good.  For this, is what pleases God and when we do this, we glorify Him.   This means that when we give in truth, God is Happy.  Not when we give for our selfish reasons.   Some people give, just to make reference or mock the poor.   Also,  once you know you are stronger than your neighbor, it is only right that you show love rather than anger when they offend you.   Can an able bodied man fight a cripple?  it’s absurd.   Then,  our strength is meant to assist the weak at all times.

Just imagine, if we all had everything we wanted, we wouldn’t even greet each other, as we wouldn’t see a need for compliments or acknowledging the other. That simple!

Everyone, has a strength and a weakness.   God has placed them there deliberately to help us coexist and love one another.


Kindly say this prayer

Dear Lord, help me to use my strength for good always and to show compassion to my neighbors, so that I can always glorify you. Amen

Please Read Matthew 5 verses 1-12

God Bless you




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