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Work by Faith


Sometime ago residents of a village met together to discuss the best means of securing themselves against the incessant attack of a lion. After several suggestions had been debated, one man who happened to be very influential got up and said, ‘I think I have hit upon a plan which will ensure our safety in the future, provided you approve and carry it out. The plan is that we should fasten a bell around the neck of this lion, which by its tingling will warn us of her approach’. This proposal was warmly applauded and was nearly adopted when an old man stood up and said, ‘I agree with you that the plan before us is an admirable one, but may I ask who is going to hang the bell on the neck of the lion?’ Suddenly, there was silence as fear ran across the spine of everybody present. No one was willing to take the risk! As a matter of fact, except someone dares confronting that lion, they can never overcome it.

Sadly, this describes most believers in this generation, we can fast, pray and preach, but when it comes to taking a step of faith, or when it comes to risk stepping our feet on an unfamiliar terrain, we shiver in fear. When it comes to taking risk or facing uncertainty, only a few really take the bull by the horns. We have forgotten that life itself is a risk. We have forgotten that, ‘no venture, no success’. We have forgotten that fear can only be overcome by confronting it.

For example, the coming of Jesus to this sinful world to die for our sins on the cross was a step of faith. Also, it was a risk that Abraham took when at God’s command; he took his only covenant son, headed for the mount of Moriah to sacrifice him there. A risky determination it really was for Esther to have said, ‘if I perish I perish. Only steps of faith can complement prayer. You have prayed and fasted enough over that matter. The God you are waiting for or that situation you are waiting for to change is also waiting for you to take bold steps. If you must succeed, dare to try. Do something! Dare to take a risk! Make a commitment. Your greatness is tied to your next risk. Get up now and do something.


In other to be able to exhibit deep faithfulness, our love for God must be total. We must love the will of God above every other thing. We must endeavour to see ourselves as God sees us. We must understand that God has entrusted so much confidence in us, by allowing us to take our own decisions. Allowing 7 billion individuals you created with your own hands, have free will to decide where they each want to spend eternity (when You deeply want all of them to choose right), is a deep act of faith in Humanity. The probability outcome variables are incredible. God has put His faith in you, have you put Your Faith in Him?



Kindly say this Prayer with me:

Father in Heaven, I’m grateful for your love and your faith in me.   Please help me to put more faith in You and bless me with strength to work by faith. Amen




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