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Your Life and Your Death


I was going to write something entirely different today but, God changed that.  Waking up to another news of death these days,  hardly gets me “SAD” at the dead.  News like that for sometime now, make me sad for myself and those of us with life.  To think that time is fading away every moment and we are getting closer to our end whether or not we like it, should make us think.  I noticed that we are only concerned with updates and sharing heartfelt eulogies at the event of such news but, do we imagine for a little second that it could be me or you?

Of what value are you to this earth? are you a taker or a giver? are you a consumer or a producer? are you just a Plus one in mass and minus one in Oxygen?  There are numerous questions to quiz ourselves with.  Yes, Romans 12 :15 tells us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice and Mourn with those who Mourn” but, do we re-evaluate our lives?

When you look at a trail of ants, you notice a pattern of to and fro movement.  If you crush one of those ants on its trail, others get there, look a little, go around it, tell a few and continue with their journey.  That is pretty much how humans are.   Death as we all know is inevitable, neither money nor skill can stop it.  Selfish people say “you only live once”, what if you are wrong?

When you die, it all happens very fast (not like what the movies tell you).  Your spirit lives you straight away and returns to God (its like when your damaged phone loses service reception without warning).  Your blood circulation stops and dries up, your skin goes pale very fast and body becomes ordinary matter, as your soul (which is your real self and sembles a SIM card having a unique number) goes to sleep and awaits judgement.  Imagine if that SIM card never made a “call” through out its time on that Phone, means it won’t have a “call log” on the Service provider’s record.  Of what use is that SIM then, if it doesn’t communicate with its Service Provider and Share information with other SIMs?

I liken the Human being to a working mobile phone,  What is your SIM record going to look like? What kind of calls did you make? What kind of text messages did you send?  What kind of Sites did you visit? What kind of data did you exchange?  Even in Literal terms, Would you want to be probed?


Kindly Say this prayer with me:

Dear Lord, I thank you for the gift of life.  Please help me to live each day by your word and to have a good record that would draw me closer to you. Amen

God Bless You



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